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We Provide Customers

We Provide Customers

For entrepreneurs and companies we provide opportunity of growth - our cooperative members.
Consumer Support

Consumer Support

For your consumers, who are also members of our cooperative, we give loans (investments) to go to your business and buy.
Working Capital

Working Capital

For entrepreneurs and companies we provide loans (investments) that you can your company develop (to buy new equipment, buy more raw materials) and have more income.

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According to the scientists and economists forecast the global financial crisis will last at least until 2020, inclusive. But this is a very optimistic outlook. Scientists of our organization tend to believe that the financial crisis has a chance to never end due to oversaturation of industrial products for which there is not a consumer. In this regard, in front of you an alternative - to be out of the crisis as a member of our cooperative or at least five years to live in lack of money and wait for the end of the crisis, which may not come in near future.

Large income requires
unusual techniques and solutions.

We often hear from business that they wish to have a 100% profit per month if not per week, and that this profit was 100% guaranteed, but did not want to change from that to which they were accustomed to before.
They want the same partners to do business with them to pay the same money in the same currency, to maintain unchanged the method of transactions (usually in cash or partly in cash), to use in the business the same tools and the same technology, but to have more. At best, we can find a businessman who agrees to the use of new machines and new manufacturing materials and technologies, and realizes that he can not do without new partners for additional sales volumes. But it is very hard to find understanding of the need for new financial technologies. Especially in a world where any change in the usual financial technologies perceived alertness and is associated with money laundering. Not an expert in finance hard to distinguish yourself, where there is absolutely legitimate financial innovation, and where the violation of the law. Even law enforcement agencies often make mistakes, and in any case suppress innovative ideas and are slow to understand that is this - Innovations or offense.
And yet, to obtain extraordinary profits always require extraordinary solutions. These solutions do not necessarily have to be new. For example, a financial technology that we offer have a more than 80-year history (but modified by us, perfected and include our know-how). But for your environment - for you and your business partners - they are new and therefore able to generate an extraordinary income.
Even in ancient times, moving on foot to the different purposes people began to realize that the more rapid achievement of the goal would require him a new instruments. So they began to ride a horse, and the goal became easier and faster. However, the horse could go a limited way in the day, the man was forced to create network of stations at which it was possible to change horses at the well-fed and rested. Achieving more distant goals and more quickly required the creation of road transport and highways, gas stations and the entire infrastructure for maintenance of vehicles.
Similarly, in business. In order to achieve your greater profits and less time we have created the necessary infrastructure, the need for which is evident. And you only have to enjoy and profit.
Changes in the level of income required changes in business! The super-profits are not possible without financial innovation. All our financial innovations have nothing to do with the violation of the Law and sent to you for profits and super profits.

O. Jourin, PhD,


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Company's Profile

Glob Star Club is international creative group including experts in sphere of quick development in all lines of business. Our specialist are people who has received practice and special training by the most enterprising businessman, that means by the  richest men on the world. Club works as a limited liability company, incorporated  in Poland, in Warsaw since 1988.

In Club are working experience experts, who have got rare, not published and not lectured in at any colleges knowledge. Club also has essential instruments, resources and technical means which are necessary and sufficient to provide services and to achieve planned goal - fast growth of turnovers and/or value of our customer company. Fast, that means in 2-3 months or 2-3 weeks, it depending on our customers business specification.

We provide our services by Internet or in customer headquarter or (industrial plant), depending on our customer need. Please click here to see some results of our service.

Services are available in most countries on the world. 

We use our customer native language in our communication.

Warsaw, Poland, State Court Companies Register
Number KRS: 0000131311
Number REGON: 610372413
Tax Payer Number NIP: 7742270649
Registration can be verified with Government of Poland web site:

In 2015 year Glob Star Club Ltd was registered in United Kingdom (company # 9623110 ) and in October 2015 there was converted into social cooperative (download Bylaw here). ByLaw in others languages with human and Google translation (Polish, Russian - for Google translation proof reading welcome!) This website 29 October 2015 year was buyout by UK company from polish company and belong to UK Glob Star club Ltd. UK company support all services previously provided by polish company, but UK company do not continue to fulfill any obligations in accordance with contracts of polish company. UK company have not any business relations with polish company with the same name.

As a social cooperative UK company is owned by members of cooperative. Our main goal of activity is struggle with financial crisis and poverty. We create for our members of cooperative special economical and financial conditions where they never will be deal with financial crisis as long as they will be member of cooperative Glob Star Club Ltd.

The list of officials of the cooperative having the right to sign documents on behalf of the cooperative and the public keys of their digital signatures. Download